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Sometimes you just gotta talk through your problems...
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tall glass of whiskey sauce
tall glass of whiskey sauce Пре 21 сат
I’d hangout with mark and wade but not bob he looks like an actual man child and probably likes the president.
Mr. The ULTIMATE Пре 3 дана
Man, the prequel to Snowpiercer is looking great
Pookie98 Пре 7 дана
Markiplier please please please play red alert 3
mikhael montiere
mikhael montiere Пре 8 дана
i read this as volitadarian
sssamurai Пре 9 дана
The story about the card game that Mark played doesn't surprise me at all, he honestly seems like a very intelligent guy.
The Animator
The Animator Пре 10 дана
One night at Flumpty’s 3 came out
らてちゃん Пре 10 дана
5:54 - you're welcome
Nerossu Пре 10 дана
That's what she said
Placeholder for now
Placeholder for now Пре 11 дана
Imagine this in vr….
T1211 Пре 13 дана
the lack of any invincible title screen references lead me to believe the editors have not yet watched invincible
Marissa Crabtree
Marissa Crabtree Пре 14 дана
If anybody know the name of that card game mark is talking about please let me know
XenoRaptor Пре 14 дана
Suprised Lixian didn't bust out the Invincible title cards meme out when Bob was saying *-Insert Title Card*
cbru 8383xx
cbru 8383xx Пре 14 дана
The card game is mow for anyone wondering
agent7c Пре 15 дана
Upload 44 of me saying E
BAKERAP22 Пре 15 дана
“Woah, OH! I GOT A ˡᵒᵍ.”
Missy Пре 17 дана
I find it funny now mark can not eat and drink in the game and take no health damage
Nizita Maruvaka
Nizita Maruvaka Пре 17 дана
Marks videos are amusing, but sometimes he can be an absolute MORON! How long did he have the description for the rings up? And he still had no clue what they do???
Random Events
Random Events Пре 19 дана
Random Events
Random Events Пре 6 сати
(This moment that the timestamp is called, is "Mark gets excited about receiving a log from a slot machine".)
D.O.V.E Пре 20 дана
The card game mark describes sounds like Mal with one key difference, the winner gets to add a new unspoken rule each round. The rules are different for each host, too, so googling the rules isn't much helpful.
Kyle Win
Kyle Win Пре 21 дан
“HOW DO WE HELP YOU???” Wade, begging: Stop… the .. train 😭
Oddball Пре 21 дан
can't wait to see mark play with bob and wade some more, love how funny you guys are and wish you would do some something like this with sean sometime soon, love your work mark! P.S. lixian does an incredible work on your solo stuff XD
•Morgana's Account•
•Morgana's Account• Пре 21 дан
I know why the melee button is an *F* It's to tell the enemy to *F* uck Off
Seer-of-things end
Seer-of-things end Пре 21 дан
They pay him to play this. It's really not very cool at all, and VERY repetitive.
Kaden Lindsey
Kaden Lindsey Пре 21 дан
17:40 i go to rose lmao
NovaGlacrr Пре 22 дана
"Can I fire my load into your ass, Bob?" ... Pff- Fanfictions are gonna go crazy with this one guys.* *(I do not condone shipping real world people without consent to, it is weird, especially when they find it. However some people play characters the same name and personality as the person [Wilbur Soot is a good example], that is fine but still plenty weird).
Andrew Keplar
Andrew Keplar Пре 23 дана
The altars are of Germanic origin mainly old Germanic dating back to the Vikings
Emilia M
Emilia M Пре 23 дана
They're not invincable, they're distractable
lily Пре 23 дана
hello markiplier please play project nightmares!
wandering wolf
wandering wolf Пре 24 дана
I know that card game!! The one Mark was talking about, it's called Mow. I used to play it all the time in middle school, and I was a *god*
Linden Hayes
Linden Hayes Пре 24 дана
For anyone curious, the game he played at the college he visited is called “Mao”
GHPlayer Пре 24 дана
Wade: “STOP THE TRAIN!!!” Mark: “hehe no”
PheenBoi Live
PheenBoi Live Пре 25 дана
Markiplyer please make a video on one night a flumptys 3
Pedro Alcocer
Pedro Alcocer Пре 25 дана
2:59 **Invincible theme plays**
Marie India
Marie India Пре 26 дана
I have to say, I want to hand it to Mark for controlling his speech when his friends are throwing expletives right and left in this video. Especially when you consider what his language used to be like in the past. Well done.
Spag Пре 26 дана
12:27 timestamp for myself
Spooper Doopaboop
Spooper Doopaboop Пре 27 дана
25:11 Simon the Devious
Kelly Evans
Kelly Evans Пре 27 дана
That card game Mao, one of my favorite games, haven't had friends who knew how to play it since high school, 10/10 recommend, amazing game
sergeantoine Пре 27 дана
I love how the distractable podcast is the exact same vibes as these videos. It's amazing!
tymeup911 Пре 27 дана
Last episode: horror outro. This episode: happy outro. Well which one is it Mark?? Lol
SADat4AM Пре 28 дана
good vibes
Arctic wolf101
Arctic wolf101 Пре 28 дана
Have you ever played call of duty mark
Sharco Пре 28 дана
5:58 funny how they’re all in surprise at what they got and then all look down and realize it’s a grenade
Jake Messina
Jake Messina Пре 28 дана
Is there anyone else who thinks that it would be fun to watch Mark, Bob, and Wade do this in real life?
Lawrence Quintana
Lawrence Quintana Пре 28 дана
So bob is the cook there's one other dude who should take care of the rofleemo and mark get things and kill stuff
Bawower Пре 29 дана
A good game doesn’t give the player options. It gives them an illusion of choice.
Bugs Rei
Bugs Rei Пре 29 дана
17:55 KING MAO! My cousins taught me that game over the summer. I had the same experience. They told me to not get discouraged cause most new players end up with half the deck in their hand the first few times. I did okay the first round and I won the second and got to add a new rule. I based mine off of one of my cousins rules and when I enforced it they loved it so much. Best time I’ve had while staying away from home.
javiona weed
javiona weed Пре 29 дана
FreakShow 71
FreakShow 71 Пре 29 дана
5:13 is no one going to talk about how Mark transitioned from extremely excited to extremely disappointed? I literally lost it at that part no matter how many times I see it.
becca retterath
becca retterath Пре 29 дана
Good grief! Watching these goobers playthrough is like watching a fool lead the blind, lol!
Echo Пре месец
I'm so wasted, I almost thought the opening was a commercial
Kana Пре месец
I think that card game is called Mao I played it while at college too, lost every game tho
Takashi Aizawa
Takashi Aizawa Пре месец
16:42 “I heard a sclurp sound. What’s that sclurp sound?” …right as I sclurped my ramen.
Billy Elgen
Billy Elgen Пре месец
Mark congratulations on 30mil
Garret Smith
Garret Smith Пре месец
Endlessly frustrating that he doesn't read the tutorial that shows on the screen about the hoops
Maxwell Jones
Maxwell Jones Пре месец
The only rule in Mao is you can't talk about the rules
Kireo Пре месец
mark is beautiful
Soccerj7 Пре месец
that card game is called "Mao" and you can't tell people what you're playing. The first rule is don't say the name of the game. Every round creates a new rule
lyndsey Пре месец
The pure chaos that you three radiate😂
MadManiac360 Пре месец
Not "watch out for friendly fire" but "watch out for the invincible ones"
Jonathan Worman
Jonathan Worman Пре месец
The cardgame Mark was talking about is Mao. I've tried so many times to get my friends to play it with me but haven't been able to keep players past the first turn. If ever there was a forbidden card game, it is this.
billybobjoejackson jr
billybobjoejackson jr Пре месец
i love that when the grenade came out of the slot machine mark took a second to look at it before screaming
Alex Dove
Alex Dove Пре месец
Bob is trying to get mark to say he's a master debater lol.
Cole Downing
Cole Downing Пре месец
What’s the name of the song at 0:00?
Tempest Eve
Tempest Eve Пре месец
Wade, have you ever considered NOT? Being this way?
Goku Powermen
Goku Powermen Пре месец
Hey Markiplier if you see this the game you were talking about is called mou you cannot speak that's the number one rule the car dealer is the only one that can speak freely and the rules are at the beginning without people winning and making a new rule the basic rules are all hell to the king when there's a king All hail to the queen when there's a queen have a nice day when there's a seven and one other thing about aces other than that I can't remember the rest then whoever wins the first game gets to make a new rule and whoever wins the next game gets to make a new rule and all those rules have to stay going through the game
brianna putman
brianna putman Пре месец
There are two constants in every good Mark, Bob, and Wade series: 1) "previously on" and 2) bob calling someone a wizard
Konniptionz Пре месец
Covenant Prophet Mark: 14:22
zCREz Пре месец
Mark: There Must be some lore here... Matpat: you sonuvabitch, im in!
Faris Mallah
Faris Mallah Пре месец
The amount of destiny 2 speak in this series makes me wish we had a destiny 2 series
Faris Mallah
Faris Mallah Пре месец
@SLOVA BOMB yeah it doesn’t fit his style of games he uploads on the channel…come to think of it, has mark uploads a multiplayer fps ever?
SLOVA BOMB Пре месец
I know, but i understand why he doesn't
Saeed Naser
Saeed Naser Пре месец
these are one of the best content on youtube
Catthhay Пре месец
Oh gosh. Talking about that card game brought back so many damn memories from high school. It’s King Mao, isn’t it? Omg. All the theater and art kids would gather up in a circle at lunch, pull out a deck of cards as if it was the coolest thing ever, and rope everyone possible into the game just to see them rage quit. It was fun, especially once you figured out the rules and could watch the anger from a place of smugness.
Krunglebung Пре месец
Markiplier please play choo choo charles
K-Thrillz Пре месец
I can’t stop laughing so hard the Way Mark keeps saying “Enemies” The way he says it, and the Zoom edit with the pointed finger makes it more funnier, Most favorite moment ever.
Kayti Kennedy
Kayti Kennedy Пре месец
that card game is so fun Mao is one of my favorites to play. My friends get so into it and rounds can get so crazy. Since no one knows the rules it can be hard to teach new people but once you understand the concept its so much fun to play!! Since a new rule is added secretly by the Mao after each round it can get so complicated once you've been playing for a while and my friends have come up with the most ridiculous and impossible rules. Still always a good time, :)
Corey Bochat
Corey Bochat Пре месец
Wow... One of the only times I've heard my college mentioned in a RStoolss video. Let along a gaming vid by Mark... Lol good ol Rose-Hulman
CraftyMaelyss Пре месец
2:50 Someone please animate Bob accidentally shooting Wade, then panicking when Mark says he's invincible XD
Manessah Gilbreath
Manessah Gilbreath Пре месец
my dog died today and watching markiplier really does put a smile on my face
That1powergamer Пре месец
you like docking mark?? so does arin from the game grumps. ;3 (if anyone gets the reference I'll send you a virtual hug if you want it lol.
Derethevil Пре месец
You should never ever try shooting the brake or transmission. Don't do it Mark. You will regret it.
ulgathar Пре месец
4:20 that got verry gay verry fast
ulgathar Пре месец
Also ha funni weed number
Alpha_Trico Пре месец
Wade: “I like docking” Me: oop
thunder mane
thunder mane Пре месец
the slot machine part is funny when bob got the grenade they were like OOOOH then they look closer AAAAAAHHHHH lmao
SR-71 Blackbird
SR-71 Blackbird Пре месец
future Dee Snider award goes to BOB.
RossDog Пре месец
If you're here watching this then keep going grinding away! We are all in the same boat here looking for ways to help all our channels. keep up the good work and Never Give Up.
Coolgamercayden Пре месец
Somehow someway them tossing the green goob is gonna comeback and bite them in the butt
Lizardbot 10
Lizardbot 10 Пре месец
Not us already knowing matpat is making a theory cause mark "asked"
Frickin bill Bob joe
Frickin bill Bob joe Пре месец
Mark is invincible?
Ash Night the DragonBorne
Ash Night the DragonBorne Пре месец
Mark: I researched a winch. Whatever that means. Wade: Isnt that the term for a barkeep who serves ale? Winch=Wench; my life is a lie😂😂😂😂
Ash Night the DragonBorne
Ash Night the DragonBorne Пре 7 дана
@Jimin parked his car on my roof Hello ❤
Jimin parked his car on my roof
Jimin parked his car on my roof Пре 7 дана
Hello fellow ARMY 💜❤️
well.dressed.wilbur Пре месец
i wish i had gamer friends like this so bad tbh,,,, got none
Julie C.
Julie C. Пре месец
Oh! They still do that stupid card game. I still don't know how to play and I literally had a panic attack while playing the first time because I was so confused
Aurora Silverthorn
Aurora Silverthorn Пре месец
Dude I love Mao, like, no one outside of band wanted to play it so im stuck knowing all the rules, not allowed to say the rules and wanting to play with others
Benjamin Altube
Benjamin Altube Пре месец
16:15 happy that they know whats up lol
Bumberton Пре месец
For those that would like to know, the name of the game Mark talked about it Mao and it's like Uno.
AngelAlex Пре месец
Oh my god he's talking about the card game Mow! I love mow!
Terri Cornell
Terri Cornell Пре месец
Isnt Wade Married to molly? I honestly wouldnt be off put if wade was a bi sexual
Edward Пре месец
18:09 You're talking about Mao! I learned to play it at a Mock Government event in Michigan
Kayleigh Haines
Kayleigh Haines Пре месец
I'm enjoying this series so much XD lmao thank you for this XD
Spanky 8787
Spanky 8787 Пре месец
Need more of this 😊😁
liorAG Пре месец
4:12 this is the wrong website
AGE Пре месец
"I GOTTA... log......." ROFL
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